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H-1 Blast Freezer

The smallest of our blast freezer.

The most important aspect for your products is that, after defrosting, the original tenderness and flavor are retained. Extensive research has shown that through rapid freezing, the ice crystals remain small, whereby the original structure hardly changes. When offered for sale, the product not only looks fresh, but the full aroma and taste have been recovered.

During the preparation of fresh confectionery and other bakery products, air is whipped-in whereby the cell structure becomes quite small and the cell cores are filled with air and water vapor. Through rapid freezing, only the free unbound moisture is crystallized to small ice crystals. Thanks to this, the cell walls do not deform or become porous, preventing loss of cell cores or fusion. That way the original fine cell structure and quality are maintained.
The KOMA-system is intended to maintain the fine cell structure and moisture content, and consequently the quality of your product. For instance, it is especially important to blast-freeze whipped cream products to prevent the so-called "flowing out" of the cream. The Koma system is extremely suitable for the rapid freezing of fancy pastries, dough products and confectionery. Products can be stored at a constant temperature, low air velocity, high relative humidity and acclimatization can be carried out.

  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Exterior white coated steel or optionally brushed stainless
  • 3 inch insulation panels
  • Drain via portable receptacle

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