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Speed, reliability and flexibility in this third generation freezer tunnel.

The TurboRunner is a linear belt freezing system for continuous production processes. The TurboRunner is designed for large hourly outputs of 4,400lb./hour or more. The system may be integrated into automated production lines via modern transportation technique.

Despite the size and the massive construction of the KOMA „TurboRunner“ it adapts very easily to changes in capacity or production structure. The modular design of 9 ft sections allows for extension of the system by adding one or more sections. Thus, even rearrangements in production may be performed without complete disassembly. The pre- mounted, modular design of the TurboRunner ensures a relatively cost- effective and quick installation on site.

The linearly led belt is ideal for very sensitive products, that could be damaged in form and structure by the bend-lead of the belt in a conventional spiral system.

The construction of the third generation TurboRunner is consequently based on the hygienic concept. The belt is led freely over the ground, so the belt as well as the bottom are freely accessible for cleaning purposes. The bottom of the cabinet is tilted downwards at the edges, so that condensate and cleaning water as well as seepage can flow out to sides of the door.Evaporator tubs, fan motors as well as the condensate tub can be tilted downwards with just a few snatches. An automated belt cleaning system ensure easy cleaning during the defrosting phase. Optional also available with a special cleaning- and sterilizing system.

Compared to systems using cryogenic gases, the TurboRunner ensures very low average production costs by the use of „conventional cold“ (incl. service-, energy- and depreciation costs).

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