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Magic Scan by Statice

The Magic scan by Statice measures the quality of the chocolate tempering or crystallization. No more guess work! Read the value and make the possible correction before starting to work with the tempered chocolate.

The MAGIC SCAN is the first tempermeter developed especially for chocolate makers. The MAGIC SCAN controls the quality of the tempering of masses. Compact, it can be installed on the work surface in the laboratory. The MAGIC SCAN sends the information of the measure in real time to your computer or your tablet. Thanks to a pleasant software, the interpretation of data is simple and quick. The chocolate maker can then adapt the process.

• Stable and precise cold block for good repeatability (adjustable from +5 °C to + 10 °C)
• Software with simple and nice interface
• Display in real time of the tempering curve on computer or tablet
• Display of the tempering values : Time, Slope, Temperature, RSI (Relative Slope Index)
• History of the five latest measures (simultaneous display)
• Algorithm for rapid and precise calculations
• Wireless serial connection Bluetooth® or USB
• Easy and simple use
• Compact and robust

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