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RDV/UVR Recovery Rooms

Slow Recovery aka the "gentle cold"

KOMA Recovery systems combine everything a modern and competitive bakery requires.

Long defrosting and fermentation periods along with humidification provide for a stable product.

KOMA Recovery allows for baking performances by program sequences over long periods, as variable as the requirements and demands for each of your branches.

Active humidification according to the evaporation principle and perfectly chosen cooling performance make for shine, lively cracks in crust, colour, a crispy crust, a finely splintered crust, vivid pore structure as well as aroma and taste – all these unique characteristics that will delight your customers.

Thanks to sufficient cooling capacity, gentle air flow and the fact that the evaporator can be defrosted when required, every Recovery device may also be used as a freezing room.

Temperature from -4°F to +59°F

  • Ample evaporator surfaces
  • Air flow led over the channel detached system ceiling and the stainless steel pressure wall
  • Koma K-Control system

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