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Retarder Proofer

Dough conditioning and refrigeration of the best quality with new controls.

This fully automatic retarder proofer will allow you to cool down - or "retard" and proof your dough products. This will ensure the best quality but also give you real flexibility.

The dough preparation can happen in the afternoon and the baking off the breads and rolls can be moved to the next day morning for total freshness.

No need for a night shift, you can focus on staff-friendly hours that allow better quality control and reduce labor costs.

The quality of the products coming out of a CDS-SunRiser has its reasons. The construction of the room and the technical components are decisive in achieving the superb quality. Along with the KOMA-typical construction of the room: 3 9/64 inch PU insulation, stainless steel interior, floor formed to a 7/64 inch stainless steel base tub, stainless steel pressure wall (removable without tools).

Temperature from -4°F to 104°F.

  • Evaporators arranged along the complete length of the chamber provide an equal distribution of the cold air.
  • Evaporator technique exclusively designed for KOMA with many fin bars and an integrated stainless steel condensate tub ensure ideal evaporator surfaces and avoids quick icing up.
  • Cooling fans are equally arranged along the complete length of the pressure wall and ensure maximal consistancy.
  • Humidification via an interior evaporation principle allows for equal fermentation results and energy saving.
  • With the new Koma K-Control the programming is all in your hands and you are able to customize the temperature curve according to your exact requirements. The adjustable temperature range between –4 °F and +104 °F allows for miscellaneous options of dough conditioning.

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