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Cold Storage Freezer Walk-In

The "UVD cold storage system" is exlusive to Koma and functions according to the Koma TLR-formula where constant temperature, high humidity and a regular constant air circulation create the possibility of storing products for a longer period of time with retention of product quality.

Ideal as a stock buffer for wrapped products.

Temperature from -18°F to 0°F.

- Insulation 4 inch PU
- Supplied with an air release valve
- Insulated 4 inch floor, covered with a 7/64 inch galvanized steelplate
- Supplied with plastic floor beams 1.5 inch for ventilation underneath the floor
- Floor load 1,300 lb. per rack* (*Rack on 4 wheels with a wheel size of Ø125mm, 30mm wide)
- Koma K-Control system

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