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Commercial Bakery Machines


  • Spraying is the best way of applying a thin layer to ensure a great appearance and an increased shelf-life of your products.
  • Higher production speed and consistency in the weight of the products translate into substantial labor and ingredient savings.
  • Tap into the opportunities offered by the fast growing demand for high quality chocolate!
  • We have solutions for icing donuts, enrobing cakes, bonbons and pralines as well as finishing cookies and drizzling chocolate.
  • Pasteurizers and aerating machines allow for a delicious texture, higher yield and longer shelf life of your cream products.
  • Accurate, fast speed cutting of delicate products takes a new dimension.
  • The addition of the right auxiliary equipment like melting tanks and transfer pumps will allow for true automation.


  • Limiting costs by having longer runs, no costly overtime or night shifts while offering a larger variety of fresh products is reality.
  • Storing products at the optimum temperature with the correct air circulation and relative humidity.
  • From a freezing state, the right path to consumption of quality fresh products.
  • With a clear view on energy efficiency, the combo units offer clear advantages.