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MTD 1-2-3

Ideal for melting or manual tempering of chocolate, ganaches, icings, fudge, and more!

The MTD 1-2-3 is a table-top all-stainless 304 professional melting tray designed for chocolate, icing, fudge, ganache, pâte à glacer, and more! Optional kit of two half-sized pans available for the standard model. Can be used with the Bakon USA vibrating table.

  • All stainless for longer life of the tray
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Standard size NSF removable stainless catering pans
  • Side heaters included
  • Gentle heating of the chocolate. No hot spots
  • No water. Dry heat
  • No risk of cracking of the edge like with plastic trays
  • Bottom and side heating - Low power consumption
  • BISSC Certified

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