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Upcoming Events

  • Pastry Live Atlanta

    Atlanta, GA
    08/24/2014  ~  08/26/2014

    Come learn, be inspired and meet some new friends. Your old ones are already there.
  • Mexipan 2014 - Mexico D.F., Mexico, Booth #57

    WTC Mexico D.F., Mexico
    08/27/2014  ~  08/30/2014

    Mexipan is the national leader purveyance fair for the bakery industry, confectionery, ice cream and chocolate factory in Mexico.
  • Automate your production of macarons, ├ęclairs, choux,.. with the Drop TT.

    Easy to use, fast, versatile and compact in size, discover the DROP TT. For more information, go to the Drop TT page.

  • North-American Introduction of the new Compact Ultrasonic Cutter at the IBIE 2013 show in Las Vegas.

    For round and rectangular products. For more information, go to the Compact Ultrasonic Cutter page.

  • Congratulations to the winners and participants of Pastry Live 2013!

    Congratulations to Maura Metheny and Dan Forgey from team Norman Love for competing among the top pastry chefs in the USA at the Pastry Live National Showpiece Championship! Here is a picture of their extraordinary 3-D showpiece that they have been designing and planning for 6 months! Learn more at