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Upcoming Events

  • Pastry Live Atlanta

    Atlanta, GA
    08/23/2015  ~  08/25/2015

    Come learn, be inspired and meet some new friends. Your old ones are already there.
  • IBA 2015

    Munich, Germany
    09/12/2015  ~  09/17/2015

    The world's leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks. Visit Bakon in hall A2, booth 380. Visit Koma in hall A5, booth 471.
  • Chef Jean-Marie Auboine

    Bakon USA Showroom, Torrance, CA 90501
    10/06/2015  ~  10/08/2015

    3 Day hands on workshop. Click here for more information.

  • Europain 2016

    Lyon, France
    02/05/2016  ~  02/09/2016

    Exhibition reserved for baking, pastry-making, ice-cream, chocolate and confectionery trades.
  • IBIE 2016

    Las Vegas, NV
    10/08/2016  ~  10/11/2016

    The biggest most comprehensive event in the U.S.
    Stop by and visit our booth number 4124.
  • BAKON USA presents a three-day hands-on class for professionals with Chef Jean-Marie Auboine

    BAKON USA presents a three-day hands-on class for professionals
    with Chef Jean-Marie Auboine.

    From Tuesday Oct 6th till Thursday Oct 8th 2015 - 9am-4pm
    Registration fee is US $500 per participant (lunch included )
    Location: BAKON USA Showroom, 20906 Higgins Court, Torrance CA 90501
    Register by contacting Jessica at 310-533-3939 or
    Seating is limited.

    This three-day class will focus on chocolate candy bars enrobed, chocolate Bouchées, jams, spreads, and confections like marshmallows, nougats, caramels, glazed pate de fruit, licorice rolls and premium chocolate covered cookies.

    Dress code; bring your apron or chef jacket. A certificate of achievement will be issued after completion of this class. This class is for professionals only. Maximum of 10 participants.

  • Boost Your Sales 25% or More with OCF Refrigerated Display Cases

    Premier, European-made OCF refrigerated display cases for pastry and chocolate products are now available in North America exclusively through Bakon USA Food Equipment. Engineered with patented lighting and food preservation technology, OCF displays provide chefs with a reliable solution for quality and visually appealing presentation. The measured impact of effective food presentations is a 25% and higher increase in impulse sales. Learn more at

  • We can design the ideal modular cake line.

    Industrial Cake Lines
    Modular Approach
    Depositing. Spraying. Enrobing. Ultrasonic cutting. Blast freezing.

    We can design the ideal modular cake line with you. To watch our latest video
    click here.