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Baking News & Events

Upcoming Events

  • Chef Alain Chartier

    Las Vegas, NV
    06/27/2016  ~  06/29/2016

    There-day master class learn how to balance your recipes to have the most delicious Ice Cream with Chef Alain Chartier.Click here for more information.

  • Chef Nina Tarasova

    Las Vegas, NV
    07/11/2016  ~  07/13/2016

    Learn how to make several desserts with new, nonstandard combinations of
    flavors, taste and textures.Click here for more information.

  • Chef Javier Guillén

    Las Vegas, NV
    07/18/2016  ~  07/21/2016

    Chef Javier will bring exclusive 3D molds and share his expertise with the
    unique recipes he’s created. Most interesting, and in high demand,are low fat and low sugar pastry recipes in his new 2016 recipe collection.Click here for more information.

  • Chef Peter Yuen

    Las Vegas, NV
    08/29/2016  ~  08/31/2016

    Three day master class with Chef Peter Yuen.Click here for more information.

  • IBIE 2016

    Las Vegas, NV
    10/08/2016  ~  10/11/2016

    The biggest most comprehensive event in the U.S.
    Stop by and visit our booth number 4124.
  • Boost Your Sales 25% or More with OCF Refrigerated Display Cases

    Premier, European-made OCF refrigerated display cases for pastry and chocolate products are now available in North America exclusively through Bakon USA Food Equipment. Engineered with patented lighting and food preservation technology, OCF displays provide chefs with a reliable solution for quality and visually appealing presentation. The measured impact of effective food presentations is a 25% and higher increase in impulse sales. Learn more at

  • We can design the ideal modular cake line.

    Industrial Cake Lines
    Modular Approach
    Depositing. Spraying. Enrobing. Ultrasonic cutting. Blast freezing.

    We can design the ideal modular cake line with you. To watch our latest video
    click here.

  • Congratulations to the winners and participants of Pastry Live 2014!

    Congratulations to the Winners and Participants of Pastry Live 2014!
    The inspiration behind Team Rull and Rio's piece was one of the more famous heroines seen in video games, Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Their design highlighted the various traps and challenges faced by the character, all rendered in exquisitely crafted chocolate work. Learn more at