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    • Koma : New Logo

      Have you had the chance to see Koma's new logo?
      Koma is celebrating more than 80 years in business, working every day with bakers,pastry chefs and chocolatiers to provide the best quality in freshness by mastering cold technologies.

    • New from Koma: VARIOTHERM

      Possibility of having different temperatures and humidity levels in each compartment.
      An advanced and independent temperature control per compartment is possible thanks to the partitioning wall separating each compartment.
      Similarly, you can create the ideal conditions for any kind of bakery products. For instance, a dry environment for chocolate items, a wet one for fancy cakes with whipped cream and fruit and a deep freeze storage.
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    • Introducing The Pasto Cooker

      Pasteurizers for pastry, chocolate, catering and ice-cream industry.

      Our range of pasto-cookers heat, stir and cool down your various preparations.

      For the production of superior creams and ganaches (custard cream, lemon cream, fruit pastes, liquid caramel, jams, glazes,...), sugar syrup, bavarois, pâte à choux (choux, eclairs, chouquettes, profiteroles) but also savory sauces, bechamel,...
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