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    • BD 3

      The BD 3 is our latest addition to our range of depositing machine: small in size, big in performance. Due to its ease of use,the BD 3 increases your production capacity and also makes it possible to easily enlarge your variety of products.
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    • Introducing The Pasto Cooker

      Pasteurizers for pastry, chocolate, catering and ice-cream industry.

      Our range of pasto-cookers heat, stir and cool down your various preparations.

      For the production of superior creams and ganaches (custard cream, lemon cream, fruit pastes, liquid caramel, jams, glazes,...), sugar syrup, bavarois, pâte à choux (choux, eclairs, chouquettes, profiteroles) but also savory sauces, bechamel,...
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    • Boost Your Sales 25% or More with OCF Refrigerated Display Cases

      Premier, European-made OCF refrigerated display cases for pastry and chocolate products are now available in North America exclusively through Bakon USA Food Equipment. Engineered with patented lighting and food preservation technology, OCF displays provide chefs with a reliable solution for quality and visually appealing presentation. The measured impact of effective food presentations is a 25% and higher increase in impulse sales. Learn more at