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Gearwheel Depositor with Wire Cutting System

For cookies doughs and shapes that are difficult to deposit. Very versatile.

A toothed wheel depositor is used for accurate depositing of the product. For the depositing of heavier creams or harder doughs like e.g. shortbread, additional in-feed rollers will be supplied. Typical applications are the depositing of: shortbread, circles, stars, muffins, almond pastry, macaroons, brownies, Danish cookies, butter cookies, etc.

This version is delivered with a wire cutter system to deposit thick cookie doughs.

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Adjusting the speed and amount of dosage can be made during production
  • Programmable touch-screen to control up to 25 different products
  • Equipped with a modem for on-line service and back up

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