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Mavericks Depositor - interchangeable gearwheel and 3-roll extruder

For the depositing of chocolate chips cookies, creams,gluten free,... with and without particulates.

Interchangeable heads are used for accurate depositing of the product. For the depositing of harder cookie doughs or gluten free products with or without particulates, a 3-roll extruder head is used. The gearwheel pump is selected for depositing creams, caramels, fillings. Typical applications are the depositing of: chocolate chips cookies, gluten-free products, shortbread, circles, stars, muffins, almond pastry, macaroons, brownies, Danish cookies, butter cookies, etc.

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Very accurate
  • Extremely versatile
  • Adjusting the speed and amount of dosage can be made during production
  • Programmable touch-screen to control up to 25 different products
  • Equipped with a modem for on-line service and back up
  • Optionally delivered with heated hopper, rotary nozzles

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