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Industrial Enrobing Machine

Quality enrobing and finishing of a variety of products.

The pouring machine is based on a waterfall type system and allows the enrobing and the finishing of a variety of products.

The major benefits are the versatility and the consistency of the machine combined with the typical reliability of Bakon equipment.

It is the perfect solution for pouring a variety of liquids (fondant, icing, chocolate, glaze mirror finish, butter, etc.) on top of cakes, cookies, dome-style cakes, stolen, sweet breads, etc. Apart from enrobing the products, one can add accessories to create a variety of finishing like string-icing and marbling effect.

  • Optional blower
  • Various types of pumps available depending on specific applications
  • Optional transfer shafts (in feed and/or out feed sides) for small products
  • Possibility of 2 waterfall system back-to-back for applications that require different colors e.g. black and white cookies, marble cakes,...

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