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Multi Lane Piston Depositor

A Depositing Machine with Accuracy, Speed and Flexibility.

The machine is designed for depositing of creams, cake batter, filling, fruit fillings and other relatively liquid products (that could be deposited by hand with a piping bag).

This air operated piston depositor is designed for the dosage of half liquid material. This machine is built on a stainless steel C-frame and has casters, so it can be placed over a conveyor. The machine has its own electrical cabinet.

The dosage volume can be adjusted from 25 up to 150 cc per depositing head (standard). Other ranges of volumes are available on request. The depositing nozzles, which are adjustable in width, are placed on a bridge with nozzle lift. The hopper is executed with a safety rack.

For transport of the trays, a stainless steel conveyor will be supplied with the piston depositor. The conveyor is movable on two rigid and two swivel wheels with brakes. It is driven by an AC frequency controlled motor. The conveyor is operated by the PLC of the piston depositor.

The complete system consists of:
* Movable stainless steel frame with 2 rigid and 2 swivel casters
* Machine executed with pistons
* Funnel
* Safety rack above the funnel
* Touch panel to control the machine
* Pneumatic nozzle lift
* Conveyor

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