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OCF Drawer Display

Drawer display for a great look and convenient access to the products.

Specially designed for preservation and presentation of pastries and chocolate products, OCF Drawer Display is a superior refrigeration display solution now available in North America. Engineered with patented lighting and food preservation technology, the Drawer Display offers pastry chefs and chocolatiers a way to present their elegant creations in their best light and boost impulse sales.

OCF display designs and configurations are customizable to fit and enhance any store/bakery interior and offer vast benefits to your business:

Prolonged product freshness with preserved aesthetics and taste – no dehydration achieved with superior low-speed airflow using micro ventilation technology

Enhanced, unobstructed presentation and protected visibility of food products with superior dynamic defogging

Customizable space- and energy-saving designs

Sale enticing patented sliding LED lighting integrated under the sliding glass tunnel allows products to pop up without heating them up

More spacious and elegant presentation of food products and guaranteed impulse purchase

Intertek certified

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