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Bakery Design Services

Design Services

Automating your processes may require the design of a complete new line or the integration of new components in an existing line. It could also mean the extension of an existing building or even a complete new bakery lay-out.

We will be happy to work with your engineers on such a designing project.

Our equipment is modular so that you can easily add a piece of equipment to an existing line. This offers a lot of flexibilty in your product offering.

For instance, see here a Cake Line Case Study

As you know, a cold solution requires more than just the acquisition of a freezer or a retarder proofer. The freshness and the quality of your products as well as the efficiency of your production will be directly influenced by the design and implementation of the correct cold solutions.

In this context, you may find interesting the creative example of a drive-in bakery in Denmark and the way they combine various Koma solutions to serve day-in day-out quality, variety and freshness.

KOMA Refrigeration Case Study