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Case Study: Drive-In Bakery with Koma Cold Solutions

Case Study: KOMA Refrigeration

The correct approach to freshness

By combining several Koma cold solutions, this drive-in bakery in Denmark is able to offer a full line of bakery and pastry products to their customers.

Bread products can be prepared and be either blast frozen (see the blast freezer built in the freezer with access doors on both sides) and then stored in the freezers, or go straight to the proofer or retarder proofer prior to baking. A buffer stock will be delayed in the recovery room. Some doughs will first stop by one of the two cold rooms for doughs.

Patisserie items and intermediate patisserie products can be blast frozen and then stored in the dedicated freezer prior to being "recovered" and sold.

An extra cold room is available for raw materials and ingredients.